I have been practicing art for my entire life. Completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Western Sydney, Nepean in 1998 marked the beginning of taking my artwork to a new level. Post University studies, teaching, exhibiting and curating have been my focus and continue to do so.

Art making is a staple for me, a necessity. The art making process nourishes, challenges, provokes, humbles and provides grounding and perspective. 

My surroundings constantly influence my technique and choice of materials. 

Texture and colour, light and movement remain my constant sources of inspiration. Such elements are observed and recorded on a conscious and subconscious level daily. This collection of thoughts and experiences tend to build and then eventually pour out into the canvas. I remain open to the concept of change pushing myself to engage in the exploration of tools and mediums. My constant is the tactility of my work and the subject matter that being Mother Nature. 

I aspire to create work that evokes emotion and warms the soul, celebrating natural surroundings. 

Art making is both personal and therapeutic for me. My internal doctrine has never embraced a work to live mentality only live to love and live to paint.