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Wallaby weaving between the Trees - Wallumatta Region _ Mixed media on canvas_76 x 110cm $

Textural Artist

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New to the Ocean Series
~ Coral Textures 

Inspired by a visit to The Great Barrier Reef, this series explores the intricate details, delicate tactile markings and soothing colours experienced whilst snorkelling. These paintings intends to celebrate the beauty of the aesthetic though also draw attention to the importance of restoring and preserving coral reefs. 

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"My surroundings constantly influence my technique and choice of materials. I enjoy pushing colour and texture, letting the two intertwine, taking on their own direction. One informs the other, constantly evolving and building whilst drawing upon my subconscious connection to the subject matter."


The art-making process nourishes, challenges and provokes. Time in the studio provides grounding and perspective.

Find out more about Melony as an Artist and the director of  Gallery 11:11  in the video below.


Video by Life Story Productions


Melony Kara Smirniotis is represented by:

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