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The art making process nourishes, challenges and provokes. Time in the studio provides grounding and perspective. My surroundings constantly influence my technique and choice of materials. I enjoy pushing colour and texture, letting the two intertwine, taking on their own direction. One informs the other, constantly evolving and building whilst drawing upon my subconscious connection to the subject matter.

Melony Kara Smirniotis is the director of Gallery 11:11 in North Epping, Sydney, Australia. As both Gallery director and Artist, connecting her audience to an authentic story is her focus. For the past two decades, her subject matter has fallen into three series; ocean, earth and sky. Establishing a deep connection to nature from a young child, Melony aspires to create work that evokes emotion, with the aim of bringing the joy that she finds in nature into people’s homes. She remains open to the concept of change, pushing herself to engage in the exploration of a wide range of tools and mediums. As a textural Artist, her signature style is identified by the detailed layers of tactile markings on the canvas that play with the light as the viewer moves around the composition. 


Qualifications and Degree

Exhibitions and Awards

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